March 31, 2015 How do I tag something?

How do I tag something?Top

Because we have a huge collection of models, shoots, images and videos, it can be hard to find what you want (sometimes, we find it hard to find what we want, and we created all these shoots!). To help you (and us), we have a tagging system.

“Tags”, are metadata (data about data) created by us, and members and models who use the site, to create a Folksonomy, a classification system developed by the people who use the system (as opposed to a taxonomy, a classification system defined by scientists that others have to follow). Anyone who uses our site can apply any tag, to any thing (models, shoots, images, videos), and the more people tag stuff, the better the site becomes for all users.

It can get a little anarchic, and sometimes, some people do dumb things with tags (don’t be one of those people – they always get bad gifts at Christmas), but most people do good things. And even average things help the system get better.

It’s good because it’s easy to tag stuff, and the tagging of stuff helps other people (for example, Google is a useful tool, because people tag their own web pages, though that’s a little different from what we’re doing here). Tags really come to the fore when you are searching (“only show me shoots where the model has big boobs”) and filtering (“of those big-boobed models, only show me the ones shot on a beach”).

To tag something, you have to be on a page that allows stuff to be tagged – that would be a Model’s Profile page, a shoot page, a video page, or an image page. Towards the bottom of the page, you’ll see the tagging bar, that looks like this for Rachel S (this is from her Solo Shoot page):


Some of the tags refer to her body and styling. Others refer to how or where shoots she appears in occur (really, those tags should be attached to a SHOOT, not a model, but it’s not a big deal). Some tags are subjective opinions of the model. Tags applied by us are more important – because we produced the shoot and we know our website well, you can trust that if we tag a model with braces, she really does have braces (whereas, one of those dumb people, they might tag a model they wished had braces with “braces”).

If a tag is already listed and you agree with it, you can vote it up. The more votes a tag has, the higher up on the list it appears, and the more credibility it has. If 100 people vote that Rachel has braces, it’s quite likely she has them, and that lots of people think this is important, which means it’s more likely to be relevant to people who are seeing Rachel for the first time. Note that you can only vote for a tag for an entity (model, shoot, image, video), once. Votes by trusted people (for example, AW staff, or trusted members) may be worth more, 2, 10, 100, 10,000 – it depends.

You can vote for a tag in two ways:

  1. Type it in the “add a tag” popup


  2. Mouse over it in the existing tag list, and click on the green “thumps up” icon.


Tags have colours, indicating who added them:

Green: You voted this tag up, or, you added this tag

Grey: You voted this tag down

Blue: Someone other than you tagged this

Tags can also be voted down, by mousing over the tag, and clicking the red “thumbs down” icon. This takes one vote away from this tag. If a tag gets enough down votes, that tag will be removed.

You can only vote for one tag, once.