March 3, 2017 Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Yes, here’s how:

  1. Decide what exactly you want to buy
    1. Use the Join page (customise, perhaps? Also check, what are the four ways to buy?) to choose the precise join options you want,
    2. This will display the relevant price
    3. Note that Bitcoin cannot do rebills, so you’ll need to renew, following this same process at the end of the period (or, purchase a longer period)
  2. Send the equivalent in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to us on the address below
  3. Let us know what you want
    1. Make a screenshot of the precise plan you wanted, clearly indicate how many US Dollars you have deposited
    2. Let us know if you sent the fund by BTC or BCH
    3. Decide on a username, or let us know your existing username
    4. Email it to us on
  4. We create / update the account and let you know
    1. Once we receive confirmation of payment, we’ll create an account and let you know the details.
    2. We’ll send you to a page to set your password, based on the email address you provided.


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