March 31, 2015 Can I use a download manager with your site?

Absolutely, we encourage and support the use of Download Managers!

Download managers (DLM’s) are useful in many situations:

  • If you are having problems maintaining extended downloads, getting partial files downloaded instead of whole ones
  • If you are on some kinda slow connection like dial-up
  • if you want to queue our larger files to download overnight while you sleep or are at work
  • If you want to concurrently download several files at once (most web browsers are limited to two concurrent downloads per server)

These are applications that provide a feature called Keep-Alive, which should maintain an open connection and continuous download that overrides any unexpected interruption, and also can resume interrupted downloads should you be disconnected midway through (some can even re-dial your ISP if the connection drops out).

When you set up your DLM, please note these points:

  • First, you MUST log into the site and check the “remember me” box – without this, the required cookie will not be set. It’s best to do this in IE if you’re on a PC, as most DLM’s only look for information in IE, and not other browsers.
  • Your download manager need to be configured to accept cookies from your default web browser (they may do this by default)
  • Your web browser may need to be set to explicitly allow cookies from us (more info on this on our cookies help page.

Recommended Download Managers For PCs

If you’re willing to put up with reminders to buy it, Get Right is free. It’s one of the older more established download managers out there, and works for our site as long as you have cookies enabled. You should be able to use any browser with it, even Firefox as long as the cookie is set via IE originally.

Firefox has an awesome addon download manager called DownThemAll. Free, simple to install, effective.

Lightning Download Shareware (after 30 days some features are disabled) but inexpensive anyway, Lightning Download seems to work well as long as you have installed a cookie via IE and then set the app to allow cookies.

Recommended Download Managers For Macs

Download Deputy, Speed Download & igetter are not bad, apparently, and each seem to be pretty similar to each other. They all have many useful features and attractive logical interfaces.

Recommended Download Managers For Linux

In Ubuntu 11.10, for firefox the, combination of the
flashgot plugin and the external download manager uGet works very well.

Wget (Linux) ( The following, simple option for the Linux/Unix wget command will allow the download of files.

wget –header “Cookie: user=[value]” [file_to_download] Replace the [value] with the cookie value for user, which you can find with your browser’s cookie manager. Of course, replace [file_to_download] with the zip file or video you want to download.

It will also work if you tell it to load your Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox cookie file (cookies.txt).