How can I watch your videos on my big screen TV?

There are a few ways to enjoy our videos on your big screen TV, but unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it should be in 2018. Internet connected TV’s are becoming more common, but they almost all require “apps” from … Continue reading

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How can I share my own camera feed with the model?

Cam-to-cam is a new feature we hope to be released in July 2018. Models can choose if they’d like to accept viewing a cam feed from customers in Private Playdates.  

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How do I search for multiple tags concurrently?

There are two ways to search for two or more tags concurrently: ​Using + in the search keyword (big boobs + blonde): https://www.abbywinters.com/amateurs/shoots?filters%5Bkeyword%5D=blonde+%2B+big+boobs Editing the URL directly, separating with a slash: https://www.abbywinters.com/amateurs/shoots/big+boobs/blonde This can have results that are not preferred, especially if … Continue reading

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What are Guest Direction videos about?

Our Guest Direction videos are designed to be a little different from other types of scenes we make. We train up some models in how to be a Guest Director, and they appear in the scene with the Main model, … Continue reading

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My account is in “Club” mode, what does that mean?

When a subscription lapses (due to rebills being cancelled, a failed credit card charge, or buying a non-rebilling subscription), that account is switched to being in the AW Club. An alert is shown when logging in to make this clear. … Continue reading

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What if I get two PPS security questions wrong?

When trying to top up your Pay Per Scene account (or, buy a scene using your PPS-Direct account), you’re asked for a security question. The normal process works like this. You’ll be asked either: GMB Security question: A billing detail … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between the security options for PPS?

Overview When you use our pay-per-scene system – To top-up your Pay Per Scene Wallet (PPS-W) account To buy a scene using PPS Direct (PPS-D) To pay for Private Playdate time – we provide two ways to verify it’s really … Continue reading

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How do I buy my first scene after joining with PPS-Direct?

When you join up with the Pay-Per-Scene Direct plan, you’ve chosen to buy individual scenes with your credit card from us. It’s our most-expensive way to buy, but it’s ideal if you only want a few a scenes (read about … Continue reading

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