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We have a large and detailed FAQ. The “wizard” on this page helps find things commonly looked for, and links into various FAQ answers.

Account, billing, or access issues

I cannot log in with this 'robot' thing!

We’re serious about keeping your data safe, and it can take a little getting used to. Our FAQ page will step you through the process.

I cannot log in!

The most common reason people cannot log in is because they are using an incorrect password! Consider that usernames and passwords are case sensitive. That means these two example passwords are different (one starts with a capital c):


To find your correct password, when you joined, we emailed you your password (and other account details). Try searching in your emails for messages from “”, or possibly “” (around 99% of our customers use GMBill to join), then copy and paste the password from there.

We use and recommend password managers, like LastPass, KeePassDashLane (there are many others. You need to use one – this is serious: your identity needs to be protected, and using weak password is just too risky these days.

You can also change your password on the site itself.

No luck? Fill out the contact us, and we’ll help you out.

I can log in, but I cannot access anything!

We allow customers who have lapsed accounts to still log in, so they can enjoy Private Playdates, Pay-per-scene, and our forums.

But, when logging in with a lapsed subscription the feature video and still images cannot be seen or downloaded. Your might see an “access denied” message, suggestions to upgrade, or see some links as being “greyed out”.

Your account might have lapsed without you realising. Possibly, we tried to bill your card, and we could not – we would have emailed you if that happened, but maybe the email went to your spam box?

Possibly, your account came to a natural end (for example, if you joined on a non-rebilling account), or you cancelled rebills and forgot you did that?

If you joined by GMBill (you probably did) you can log in there (using the same details as you use to log in to and check the status of your account. If there is a credit card processing problem, you can update your credit card details there, or add a new one.

If none of that helps, contact us, and we will help you fix it.

I'd like to cancel rebills

Well, we’re sorry to see you go, but we understand.

Cancelling your rebills is easy! On the site, go to My Account. Under “Current Subscription” click “Cancel/Enable Rebills”.

You can also go to the website of the billing agent you signed up with:


Chances are very likely that you joined by GMBill. You can cancel your own rebills on their site. You will need to have your account details ready (username and password).


Less likely you joined via CCBill, but if so, you can cancel your own rebills on their site. You can enter your credit card information to get access.

(Remember, it’s best to cancel your rebills several days before the rebill date, to ensure you will not be rebilled again.)

No luck? Fill out the form, and we’ll help you out.

I can't top up my prepaid credit

Read about how topping up credit for a PPS account works.

If that does not help, contact us, and we will help you fix it.

Technical issues

I am having trouble downloading

First check the minimum requirements for viewing the site – they are pretty standard:

  1. Check your computer meets our minimum requirements
  2. Check the web browser you’re using is supported by us
  3. Check that you have JavaScript enabled (required)
  4. Check that you have cookies enabled

If you do not meet these requirements, our site may not work well for you, and we’re not able to support you. If all the above checks out OK, perform the following steps;

  1. Remove all AW related cookies from your browser (except the forum ones). Here’s a list of all the cookies we set.
  2. After deleting them, close your browser (all windows/tabs) and start it again (this will clear any cookies stubbornly staying in memory).
  3. Now log back into the site, check the ‘Remember me’ box.
  4. Go to the main page, do NOT use the back buttons on the browser. Go directly to this link (main member page).
  5. Navigate to a set that you were having difficulties with and try downloading it again.

If the above steps do not resolve your problem please contact us and mention that you have already tried the above, and describe the problem. Adding some screenshots of error messages or things that are not working right would be very helpful.

Content won’t open/play

The site doesn’t work right on my device

Our site should work fine on desktops and laptops, so long as they meet our minimum specifications (as a guide, new computer purchased in the last five years).

Android and iOS tablets should work fine – please contact us with specifics if not.

Android and iOS smart phones will work well on key pages – the Tour, Members news, Model and Shoot. On other pages, it will work, but not look great. We’re working on adapting each page to suit mobile devices, but it’s a huge project.

Finding stuff on the site

How is the site organised?

Broadly speaking, we organise the site by New Releases, Shoots, Models, and Fetishes. Check it: How is the site organised?

Your search function sucks!

Yes, yes it does. Sorry about that.

We’re working on it. But we have some tips to bend it to your will.

Joining up

There seems two be two ways to join, what's that about?

I've been a customer before, can I get a discount when re-joining?

Thanks for coming back. You sure can get a discount!

How can I join just one of the sub-sites (eg, girl-girl)?

How can I join with no credit card?

The options are limited, but there is a way forwards.