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We aim to have a combination of video formats that allow all users to enjoy our videos on a range of devices (phone, tablet, desktop/laptop, home cinema), and allow several download options. Our aim is to provide several options for everyone, regardless of your:

  • Internet connection speed
  • Quality preference
  • Streaming / download preference
  • Computer operating system

Like many things in life, video formats on the web involve trade-offs. If you want to get a video really fast, the quality might not be so good… the converse being, wait a little longer and get much higher quality video.

Before we make recommendations, we should be clear on what “streaming” and  downloadable” videos are. Both are very useful, but it depends on your personal preferences and circumstances.

Streaming videos

  • Work like videos on YouTube
  • Don’t stay on your computer (good for privacy)
  • Easy to jump right to the good bits, almost instantly
  • Almost instant to start watching
  • Quality depends on your internet connection speed. Higher-speed connection means higher quality.
  • Must be a current member to see the videos (cannot see videos after your subscription lapses)
  • May not work well if you have a slow internet connection (or, quality will be low)

Downloadable videos

  • You download a video file to your computer
  • Cannot watch until fully downloaded (depends on your connection speed, may be minutes or hours)
  • Someone else might find the downloaded files on your computer?
  • You can back the videos up, or have them on several devices
  • You have access to them, regardless if you’re a current paying member
  • Take up a lot of hard-disk space (you might need an external drive)

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