September 14, 2016 How can I access Private Playdates?

Anyone with a “Pay per Scene” account can access Private Playdates, and anyone can get a Pay per Scene (PPS) account.

PPS accounts can be thought of as a “digital wallet”. The metaphor is that you can draw money out of your credit card and place it in your wallet, for spending later. You can top-up your PPS wallet at any time, with just a few clicks.

For existing subscribers, you already have a PPS account – you just need to add some money to it. Click any of the “Top up” buttons around the site – on your My Account pageย is perhaps the easiest (there are also buttons on the Playdate pages). We have a separate FAQ page describing the top-up processย (it’s the same whether you’re adding money for Private Playdates, or buying scenes).

For existing PPS users, of course you already have a PPS account, but you may need to add more funds to it, to be able to interact with models (you need to have at least 4 minutes of credit at the model’s rate, as a minimum balance, for example if a model’s rate is $4 per minute, you must have a PPS balance of $16.01 or more to be able to start a Playdate with her).

Models set their own schedule for Private Playdates, and often there will be a few models on each week. We maintain a list of all the upcoming Playdates (Public and Private)ย so you can organise your time.

When a model is online for a Private Playdate, you can join her Public room (other customers may also be present), then offer to take her on a Private Playdate. You can see a little info about her (what she is and is not comfortable doing, what kind of requests she’ll take), and see her per-minute rate.

You click a button to show her your intention, and soon after she accepts, and a new, Private chat room opens, just you and her.

You can read more about what actually happens in a Private Playdate.