September 14, 2016 How can I access Public Playdates?

Only eligible customers can access Public Playdates.

Check the schedule of Playdates to see when they will occur in the future (we detect your timezone, so times are shown as being local to you). So long as you’re logged in and viewing pages on when a Public Playdate starts, you’ll see a notification of a Playdate being on, regardless of the page of our site that you’re visiting.

playdate notifier

ABOVE: The Playdate notifier. This pops up when there is a Playdate occurring. it’s easy to choose to be reminded again in 10 minutes, to not be reminded again for this Playdate, or not ever be reminded like this about Playdates.

Clicking the “Streaming now!” button will take you to the Playdates page, where you can choose to join the model in her Public room.