March 31, 2015 How can I get DVD’s?

We release three or four DVD’s each month, around a third of our monthly releases, but they contain the same material as appears on our website (or a little less). So, if you’re a subscriber but not seeing our DVD’s, you’re not missing out on anything.

However, on our mini-site,, you can see a lot of information about our DVD’s (again, all stuff you can see on the site itself).

We do not sell our DVD’s directly to customers ourselves, we outsource that to our friends, the excellent

Our DVD’s are encoded as “Region 0”, which means no regional encoding – they will play fine anywhere in the world.

Our DVD’s are in NTSC format (as opposed to PAL or SECAM). Generally, any DVD player and TV purchased since 2010 will almost definitely play NTSC DVD’s with no problem, but you should check both your TV and DVD player manuals to be sure before ordering.