September 20, 2016 How can I test Playdates will work during a scheduled session?

We have a test mode for Playdates, that allows testing of alert sounds, audio, video and chat. Before attending a Playdate session, especially if it’s the first time, or you have had problems in the past, testing is recommended. It only takes a few seconds.

playdate test mode 01

ABOVE: Location of Playdate test mode (audio, video, chat and alert sounds).

Testing alert sounds

If you have the Playdate tab open, and other tabs open (for example, work, browsing other pages, or browing any other page online), it can be helpful to know when a model comes online, so you do not miss her show. Alternately, by un-checking Enable sounds, there will be no alert sound.

If the Enable Sounds checkbox is checked, the Playdate tab will trigger a short “blip” sound when a model comes online. Clicking Test Sound plays a demo version of the sound, to so you can set the volume of your speakers accordingly.

We also have a popup alert that shows on any page of the AW site when a model comes online for a Playdate. On the popup are options for controlling how often this alert appears.

Testing Playdate video, audio and chat

Clicking the Test Playdate button should do the following:

  1. Start a fake Playdate session (on the same page)
  2. Start playing a video, with audio (not a Playdate, a regular video of Stephanie P. Playdate streaming video is essentially MP4, so this is how we test it works)
  3. Allow you to adjust the audio level
  4. Show some informational messages in the chat window
  5. Allow you to type messages and see them in the chat window
playdate test mode 02

Above: Public Playdate test interface. Note that the real Playdate interface is almost identical. Click for larger version.

If all of these work for you, it’s very likely that a real Playdate will work for you (barring problems at our end, or the model’s end – which can happen occasionally). If some of these don’t work, make a screenshot, attach it to a support ticket, and describe the issue.

Playdate bugs are a high priority for us, so you may message the Owner instead on!