March 31, 2015 How come a bunch of pics in each model’s gallery look the same?

Actually, we’re not ripping you off. This is a style of shooting that many of our customers enjoy, and does not appear to be done any place else we have seen.

What happens is this: We sometimes lock off the (stills) camera on a tripod, compose the shot carefully, and get the model to perform an action – say inserting and removing a dildo. Then, we take a pic at between three and eight frames every second, recording the action as she performs it.

If you download these images (as a zip is the easiest way), and use an image viewing program that allows you to press a single key to page through the images (you might want to choose to view our images full screen, “fit to screen”), you get an extremely high-quality “movie”.

This allows you – in this example – to see what happens to each individual pubic hair, fold of skin, tiny muscle, and dollop of girlcum in the best possible quality and largest amount of detail.

Perhaps this is all a bit too explicit or “clinical” for you? Sure, we understand not everyone wants to see this kinda stuff, so we do the same thing for other actions as well, like a model taking her top off (seeing her tummy muscles and skin and breasts all move about is fascinating, we think!), or exercising, or rubbing lotion all over herself, or two models kissing passionately.

Some people think this is a waste of… something. They never can seem to tell us what, but we always say two things to them:

First, if you prefer, you can treat these sequences as a free bonus that you choose not to enjoy. They are not something we charge you extra for, we just add them into the set because we think they look cool, and we get a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Second, we provide many different options to download files from our site – entire set zips, entire page zips, custom zips you make yourself, or just single files you can choose to save on their own. If you want to skip these sequences, go right ahead. We ensure the sets look fine without them.