March 31, 2015 How come there is this crappy music in some of the older videos?

Some of our older videos (released before 2004) do not have live sound, for a few reasons. All our new videos (a huge majority of our total library) do have live sound. Since 2004, we  go to a lot of trouble to record high quality sound with our videos.

  1. When we started shooting video, we knew nothing about video… or sound. We had the mic off entirely for a whole bunch of our shoots. We never thought about sound being an important factor. We were idiots.
  2. When we did start recording sound, we used the crappy mic on the crappy camera, which recorded everything equally loudly; the model talking, traffic outside, our feet on the floor, us talking, planes flying overhead, the radio playing in the background, and so on. It was an omni-directional mic, which means it picks up sound equally from all directions. We now use a shotgun mic, which is very directional.

Anyway, that’s history now! We record and use high quality sound on all our videos. Rather than take down all our old ones, we have left them on the site because they are not awful.