April 15, 2017 How do I add something to my faves?

Faves (“favourites”) are a way to markย models, shoots, images, or videos as being a favourite of yours, so they are easy to find when you visit again.

We use the love-heart icon to indicate a fave.

To Fave a Model or Shoot

faving a model

ABOVE: Lovely Livia V’s Model page (listing all her shoots). She’s not favourited yet, which frankly is criminal. But, the grey loveheart is how we add her to Faves.

Click once, and the loveheart turns red:

faving a model faved

ABOVE: Livia V is now a faved model of mine.

To “un-fave” a model, you need to break her heart. ๐Ÿ™

unfaving a model

To Fave an image

Individual images can ve fave’d as well, or groups of images.

On an image gallery page, turn on MultiSelect mode (more info on MultiSelect mode).

faving in imageset 1

ABOVE: Click the Multi-select model button once to activate.

faving in imageset 2

ABOVE: Multi-select model activated. See how the images are “greyed out”, a little misty compared with above? That means none are selected yet.

faving in imageset 3

ABOVE: With multi-select mode one, two images (1) and (2) are clicked, and they become colourful. Hold down Ctrl on your keyboard to select multiple images, Shift to select a series in a row (click once to select the first one, hold Shift, click to select the last one in the series). Note at (3), the count of Fave’d images is 2 in this example.

faving in imageset 4

ABOVE: Click the loveheart icon in the Multi-Select mode box. Those images are adedd to your faves!

Finally, we can view our fave images:

faving in imageset 5

ABOVE: Open the My Faves menu (1), select My Images (2), the page reloads showing all images added to my Faves (3).

To fave a video

On a video page, click the loveheart icon.

faving a video

ABOVE: On a video page, click the loveheart icon top right to fave that video.