May 8, 2017 How do I buy my first scene after joining with PPS-Direct?

When you join up with the Pay-Per-Scene Direct plan, you’ve chosen to buy individual scenes with your credit card from us. It’s our most-expensive way to buy, but it’s ideal if you only want a few a scenes (read about the three ways to buy – you can always change to a different account type later, with no penalty).

PPS-D join page

ABOVE: The Join page, showing the different join types, with Pay Per Scene Direct highlighted on the right. If you did not sign up with PPS-D, the info below is not for you!

When you sign up for PPS-D, we bill your card for US$4.49 in exchange for a “scene token”, that you can then use to get access to any scene on the site – some scenes cost up to $7.49 (such as our girl-boy scenes), so you may wish to extract the maximum value from that token by buying one of them first.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Because you have a token, buying your first scene is very slightly different from buying scenes when you don’t have a token (we occasionally give away free tokens, but usually, your credit card will be charged for each scene you buy).

You may wish to read up on how our site is organised, to find a scene you like, but in a nutshell, check out the most recent updates, or browse the site and use filters to find scenes of the type you like.

Load a scene page by clicking on the scene’s representative image, and check out the sample images and 30-second preview trailer to see if it’s a scene you’d like to purchase with your token.

If it is, look for this section of the page:


ABOVE: The part of a scene page that shows where to buy a scene using a token with Pay Per Scene Direct. This is the lovely Kate G. Here we also see the 28-second preview video, and an indication of the full 52 minute feature video that becomes available when the scene is purchased. Because this user just joined up with PPS-D, they have a scene token available and so the scene’s price shows as being one token.

Click the “Buy scene (1 token)” button, and the following screen appears:


ABOVE: There’s an option to buy with a token, or to charge your card for the scene price.

While it’s likely you want to use your scene token for your first purchase, it’s not a requirement, and you may choose to pay for this one instead (perhaps saving the token for a more expensive scene). Tokens expire after seven days, so don’t wait too long.

Once you make a decision by clicking either button, our server thinks a moment, and the scene is purchased. The page reloads in a different format, giving access you to the images and video of this scene.

The scene is also added to your Digital Lockerย (if you’re logged in, that link will open your Digital Locker in a new tab), where all scenes you purchase are stored. You can always re-download (or stream media from) scenes you have purchased in your Digital Locker. Scenes you purchase are yours for life.

In the future, you may be awarded free scene tokens because we like the cut of your jib – you’ll get an email about that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Buying Pay Per Scene Direct scenes day-to-day

Day to day, buying scenes you like using PPS-Direct will be similar, but you typically won’t have a scene token, so you’ll be shown the price, like this:


ABOVE: Typical buying model for Pay Per Scene Direct, a forest scene withย Juliana.

Click the buy button twice to confirm you want to buy this scene, enter your username, password, and answer the security question, on a screen like this:


ABOVE: After clicking (1)ย “Buy scene direct” button twice, enter your (2) AW site username (3) AW site password, and (4) answer the security question (based on the data entered when you first joined up with GMBill). Finally (5) click “Bill my card” to initiate the transaction.

Click “Bill my card for $4.49 (or whatever the scene price is), then, your card will be billed for the indicated amount.

Once the purchase is finalised – should take under 15 seconds – you’ll have access to all the media from this scene, just as occurred when using a scene token!