May 4, 2016 How do I reset my password?

We cannot tell you your password, only you can re-set it (to what you think it should be, if you wish).

To reset your password, start by being logged out from

Then, go to log in again, but click “Forgot password” on the login box.

forgot password

When prompted, enter the email address you used when you joined up, confirm you’re not a robot, and click “Send password change email”.

find password enter email

An email will be sent to the account’s associated email address (if you’d like to change your email address, contact us to do that – it only take a moment).

The email should be received in less than 3 minutes. The email may be caught in your spam filter, so check that if you think it should have arrived by now.

When you receive the email – it should be received in less than 60 seconds from clicking the button – click the link in it.

password change email

This brings up the page to change your password:

change pwd

It’s possible your web browser has already pre-filled one or both areas with black dots like this: •••••••. Your browser does this to be helpful, not realising that this is a password change form, not a logging-in form. in this case, simply delete the existing black dots, then proceed.

(1) Enter the new password, (2) Enter the same password again, to confirm it’s correct.

pwd strength

Above, as the password is entered, a strength-meter indicates how good your password is. Strong passwords keep you and us safe on the internet. We recommend using the “Strong password” setting on DinoPass.

The green check mark confirms that the two passwords match – you cannot proceed until they are the same.

Then (3) click “Change password”.

The password is confirmed as being changed, and you are asked to log in again, using your new password.