March 31, 2015 How do I make a screenshot and upload it to the boards?

Make a screenshot

For MS Windows

  1. Set up your screen to show what you want to capture
  2. In Windows 7 or later, go to the Start menu and type “Snip” – the Snipping Tool will show up, start it.
    1. Snipping tool
  3. In Win7 and 8, the screen will appear “washed out” immediately, and the pointer will be a cross-hairs. In Win 10, click “New” to start a new screen cap – the screen looks “washed out”, and is ready for a screen capture to be made
  4. Click to select the top left corner of the screen you want to capture, drag to the bottom right, let go. The captured portion of the screen is shown in Snipping Tool. If a mistake is made, simply click New to start over.
  5. The screen capture is automatically copied to memory, and so can be pasted into an email directly.  Or, to save a copy of that image, File menu, Save As. Save it as a jpg file in your My Documents folder, or perhaps on your Desktop.
  6. Drag the resulting image to attach it to an email, or attach it to a Boards post

In Mac OSX:

  1. Set up your screen to show what you want to capture
  2. Press CMD-SHIFT-4 (to capture an area of the screen); the mouse pointer changes to crosshairs
  3. Drag to select an area. While dragging, you can hold the Shift key, Option key, or Space bar to change the way the selection moves.
    1. screen_capture
  4. When you’ve selected the area you want, release your mouse or trackpad button. To cancel, press the Escape (esc) key before you release the button.
  5. Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop.

Attach the file to a boards post

This is not necessary, it may be more suitable to contact our Customer Support department with the screenshot, in which case, attach it to an email.

  1. At the Quick Reply box at the bottom of each thread page is the “Go Advanced” button. Click it.
  2. On the next page that loads, hit the “Manage Attachments” button.
  3. On the popup window that appears hit the “Browse” button and find the jpeg file you previously saved from above.
  4. Then hit the “Upload” button and wait while it uploads. When the image is ready hit the “Close this window” button in the popup window.
  5. You now should be back in the forum so add text to your reply and then hit the “Submit Reply” button.
  6. Your new post should now have a screenshot in it.