February 27, 2017 How do I use a coupon?

There are various coupon codes we make available under certain circumstances. For example, when a customer has been a member, there’s a “welcome back” coupon we email them when their account lapses (returning customers are also eligible for returning customer discounts, in addition to the benefits a coupon offers). Different coupons apply for Pay-per-scene and Subscription memberships.

Coupons are entered on the first step of the Signup process.

Where to enter a coupon code

Coupon codes are entered when entering your credit card details. First, on the Join page, select your preferred subscription (the majority of coupons are for subscriptions).

ABOVE: Coupons do work with Pay Per Scene accounts as well, but most coupons are for subscriptions.

Clickย Buy Subscription (Subscriptions can also be customised first. More info.)

Then, you’re asked to enter your details, and lower down, you may enter a coupon code.

ABOVE: Complete all the details. (1) Expand the Coupon panel. (2) Enter the coupon code.


Press TAB to move off this field, which causes the page to “validate” the coupon code. A message is shown in green, indicating the coupon is valid, and defining the reward.

successful coupon

A red note indicates that the coupon is not valid.

failed coupon

Coupons from our Business Partners (“Affiliates”)

Note that some coupons only work under certain circumstances (for example, some of our business partners offer coupons, and you must have clicked through from their site first, for the coupon to be valid). For the nerds, clicking from the Affiliate site sets a cookies with out biller (GMBill.com), so when you go to join, GMB checks for that cookie).

bad coupon aff referral req

You can also Contact us about this – let us know what the coupon code is.