September 14, 2016 How do Public Playdates actually work?

Models are booked to appear in a Public Playdate by HQ. We have a bunch of models who want to do Public Playdates, and there’s a few weeks gap before the same model appears again in a Public Playdate.

Since August 2016, we schedule two Public Playdates each week, at various times and days.

Models prepare some Things to do during their Playdate, and select a location that suits them. Sometimes these are more adventurous, for example outside in a garden or in the bath, but more often it’s their bedroom at home.

Models start clothed, take questions from customers, move around, and slowly get undressed. Models are online for one hour. Models never type, they talk to you! As they get more naked (and take requests from customers) they usually do more sexy stuff. Towards the end, they may masturbate and have an orgasm, or pee, or dance… or whatever customers ask.

Models are in control, and may choose not to do everything customers ask (but it’s worth asking in a Private Playdate, they might be more comfortable then!).

Note that Playdates are live, and are not recorded for later download.