March 31, 2015 How do the videos work on my iPad / iPhone?

Apple’s decision not to support Adobe Flash has caused tremendous problems for video sites all over, and we’re no different. However, we have taken a few steps to make this work well, but the iPad is very finicky, so you need to follow these instructions precisely. There are two methods, that give similar results.

Method 1

  1. Log into the site
  2. Go to a shoot page. Our site will detect you’re using an iOS (Apple)
    device, and make some slight changes to the page and your prefernces.
  3. To the right of the video thumbnail, you see a series of radio
    buttons (LQ, SQ, HQ, and HD), signifying quality settings. Select LQ.
  4. Click the Download MP4 link below the video, the video will start playing

Method 2

  1. Log into the site
  2. Go to a shoot page. Our site will detect you’re using an iOS (Apple) device, and make some slight changes to the page and your prefernces.
  3. On a video panel (the panel with the clapper-board logo), click once on the thumbnail icon. It will go black for a moment, the page might flicker, and the image will change. Wait around 10 seconds, while the video “buffers” (loads the first part). You may see a “play” icon while it buffers – remain patient!
  4. A tiny version of the video will start playing: you’ll see a black bar at the bottom, with a pause button, and a “expand” icon. If the black bar disappears, touch the video once, it will re-appear.
  5. Click the expand icon to make it full-screen, or de-pinch the small video.

Applies to both methods
Once the video is full-screen, there are a few options, supplied by the iOS video player (so, these controls are common to any video you play on your device). Touch the video playing once to acces them. From the top:

  • Click “Done” to close the video. Unfortunately, this closes the Safari browser as well – start it again, and you’ll be back where you were.
  • The scrub bar lets you drag the “pip” along the timeline, to find the bits you like the most. Usually only takes a few seconds to start the video again from the new point. Neat trick: wile scrubbing left-to-right, drag down /up to control the speed of scrubbing.
  • The “expand” button makes the video full-screen, but cuts off the sides of the video (as all our newer videos are 16:9 aspect ratio), so is not recommended.
  • At the bottom, clicking the “track skip left” button takes you to the start of the video. “Track skip right” takes you to the end of the video (not very useful).
  • The play / pause button works as expected.
  • Adjust the volume to suit your preference.
  • Clicking the shrink button should return you to the page the video is on, but unfortunately does not: it exits to the desktop, and you need to start Safari again.
  • Pinching to return to the page does work fine, however

Known issues

  • This does not work on iPhone 3’s, regardless of the iOS version. Sorry – talk to Apple!
  • You cannot save videos to your iPad, as far as we know. But do tell us if you work out a way!
  • You can try downloading the HD version of the video (select the HD option on the right, click the MP4 link), but it does not work so well, because MP4 relies on the devices CPU to decode, and iPad1 CPU’s are not beefy enough). Your milage may vary – there is a noticable increase in image quality.