March 31, 2015 I found someone ripping off your work! What should I do?

As we work really damn hard to make all this stuff from scratch (finding the models and working with them to make the best material we can), we get pretty annoyed when people rip our stuff off.

We have a team of lawyers* standing by to break those guys’ kneecaps (in the sending firm-letters-of-disapproval way, of course), so if you see our stuff being ripped off, we’d really like to know about it.

However. Sometimes we let other places use our material to promote our site that is sanctioned by us, so there’s not a need to notify us about those.

When to let us know

  • A whole set of images (ie, 100 plus) on websites, bitlockers, or torrent sites
  • A whole video on websites, bitlockers, or torrent sites
  • Anything on eBay (or similar) of ours, other than DVD’s we have released
  • Any image of ours that does not have our logo and copyright on it (ie, cropped)

When to let it slide

  • Any site that links to us directly, or via our billing company (
  • individual images that are credited to us with text or our branding visible

If you’re unsure about an image, please let us know so we can check it out. And thanks for looking out for us.

*Well, ok, a guy we know called Ben. But he sure knows his stuff. So look out.