March 31, 2015 I want streaming video. Tell me about Flash.

I want streaming video. Tell me about Flash.Top


Starting from April 2007, supports streaming video in Flash Video (FLV) format. Flash Video provides near-instant playback of videos right in your browser window – no more waiting for an entire video to download before you can watch it.

Naturally, we will continue to offer high-quality versions of all of our videos in WMV and MPG formats (and mp4 for videos added to the site since October 2008) for downloading. Even if you prefer to download your video, you will find Flash Video useful for previewing videos before downloading.

In order to make a video streamable, certain compromises must be made. Regardless of format, streaming video is generally of a smaller resolution and of lower quality than downloadable video. See the section on “Quality Settings” below for details on how you can fine-tune your settings to get the best streaming video experience.

Apple and Flash streaming

Unfortunately, Apple’s iOS (the operating system for iPhones and iPads, and possibly Apple TV) will never be able to playback Flash files, cos they are having some kind of family feud with Adobe. Check out our FAQ entry on streaming videos to iOS devices.

Flash videos work just fine on modern Apple computers (eg, iMac, Macbook).

However, some older (pre-intel, PowerPC) Mac computers – even with newer browsers – may not playback Flash properly or at all. There’s no easy fix for this issue however research on the help pages of the browser you are using may help. We would suggest Firefox v3 and the legacy flash-10 plugin obtainable from here and here. However, we do not officially support this.

System Requirements

The good news is that most members will already have everything they need to watch Flash Video. All you need is the latest Adobe Flash Player plugin installed on your browser of choice.

If you do not have the Flash Player plugin installed on your browser, you will be provided with a download link when you try and play a Flash Video.


To start playing the Flash videos, just click the thumbnail in the ‘Video’ pane on the shoot page you wish to view.

The player page that opens is part of the Flash file itself, and will begin playing as soon as it has “buffered” enough content, which should only be a matter of seconds, depending on your connection speed. See the progress meter which indicates how many percent complete the buffering process is.

You are able to pause the video, which will continue to download while paused until the file is complete.


You can navigate, or “seek”, through the video, by simply clicking where you want it to play back from on the progress bar below the image. The video needs to rebuffer from that point (takes a few seconds), then it plays as normal. You can jump forward or backwards. Note, there is no fast-forward or rewind – you need to click where you want to play back from.



Quality Settings

Flash Video provides cross-platform, fast streaming, instant video playback, but the compromise comes in resolution, image quality and framerate. To ensure that each of our members get the best possible streaming video experience, each video is supplied in a range of quality settings to suit different internet connection speeds.

When you first visit an page containing streaming video, we run a “speed test” that automatically determines the optimal quality setting for your particular internet connection. This may not be optimal for you, or to your preference.

You can manually change the quality setting on your My Account page. Note that this setting is made on your browser, so if you access from different machines, each will have their own quality setting.

The different video dimensions (image size) and bitrates (rate of data transfer) we provide are as follows:


384px by 288px = 120kbps Best for low-speed DSL

384px by 288px = 400kbps Best for medium-speed DSL

576px by 432px = 900kbps Best for high-speed DSL or Cable


512px by 288px = 120kbps Best for low-speed DSL

512px by 288px = 400kbps Best for medium-speed DSL

768px by 432px = 900kbps Best for high-speed DSL or Cable


If you experience problems trying to watch Flash Videos on, please ensure that you have the most recent version of the Flash Player plugin.

In rare instance there may be no newer version of Flash available for your particular blend of OS and browser. You will be unable to play our Flash files at all until a newer version of the plugin is written for your system. In this case, download the WMVs, MPGs, or mp4s instead; they are all still available for you, so you are never forced to go without.

If the video plays, but stutters badly, first make sure you have no other video downloading at the same time, including a second Flash file. If all is fine there, then your Download speed may not be enough to handle the size of the video file. Please go to the My Account page and choose a lower bandwidth setting for the Flash videos.

We have had reports from people who have found problems playing our Flash Video with Norton Internet Security enabled. We are working on a solution to this problem, but in the meantime we suggest that you temporarily disable Norton Internet Security if you want to watch Flash Video on

If you experience any other problems with our Flash Video, please contact our support team.