September 9, 2017 My account is in “Club” mode, what does that mean?

When a subscription lapses (due to rebills being cancelled, a failed credit card charge, or buying a non-rebilling subscription), that account is switched to being in the AW Club. An alert is shown when logging in to make this clear.

When in Club mode, you can log in as normal, and can access the discussion boards and images posted there, but you cannot view full-size images or download videos… unless you buy them using Pay Per Scene (See, What are the three ways to buy? for more info on that).

While it’s possible to reactivate an old account – change it from being in Club mode to full-subscription mode, some people choose to rejoin with a different username, and so may have multiple old accounts in Club mode. Either way is fine, but re-activating an old account can be less confusing in the future.

If you wish to rejoin, simply visit the Join page while logged in to your Club account – you’ll see our discounted rates for returning customers. You same username and password will be used to access the site once a successful payment has been made. More details instructions to claiming the discounts onย Iโ€™m a returning customer. Can I get a discount?