September 14, 2016 Playdates are not working for me!?

As of December 2017, Playdates are in in Beta, which means imperfect because the software is still being developed by us. Things might break completely, or not work very well. If you contact us and let us know what happened (screenshots are very helpful) we can work to fixing the issue.

That being said, generally Playdates are reliable and work well in around 95% of cases (that is, 95% of folks will have no problems watching Playdates).

What web browser should I use?

Google_Chrome_icon_(2011).svgWe strongly recommend using the Google Chrome web browser. It’s tested and known to work well for Playdates, and for our site in general. Indeed, we use and recommend Chrome for all our web browsing.

While Playdates generally work in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, using Chrome is more reliable.

I see this error message


ABOVE: This error message may be seen when having the Playdates page open in several tabs concurrently. Close all other tabs, reload.

Be sure to only have Playdates open in one tab on your computer – multiple tabs in the same or several browsers will cause problems.

Simply close the other tabs, keep one open, and reload the page.

I see the chat window, but no video of the model

chat but no video in Playdate

ABOVE: Example of an issue some customers experience, chat works, but video doesn’t. Reloading the page while bypassing the cache usually fixes this.

Bypassing the cache while reloading the page usually fixes this (this forces your computer to get the most recent version of the page from our servers, as the recent stale version may be incorrect and cause errors). Each browser and operating system has a slightly different method for this.

In Chrome on Windows, CTRL-SHIFT+R. Form Chrome on Mac OSX, it’s CMD-SHIFT+R.

See for more info.

The video quality is really low…?

Our models do Playdates from their own homes all over the world. That means that sometimes their internet connections cannot support high quality video streaming.

We work with them to ensure they’re using the best setup possible, but as we have all experienced, sometimes an internet connection is lower quality, and sometimes that coincides with a Playdate. Over time, we can expect this to improve, as internet speeds tend to do.

lq playdate

ABOVE: Example of a particularly low quality Playdate with Flora, Sep 2016 (click for full version).

Our competitors don’t have this problem… but they have models working from a “compound” in a business park somewhere, with commercial internet, working 12 hour shifts. We believe that models being in their own homes is an important part pf Playdates, and our site in general (many of our shoots are of models in their homes).