Search tips is primarily organised by Shoots and Models. Shoot Types organise different our approaches to making shoots of models. Fetish Pages categorise different aspects of our media.


A Shoot page shows all the media relating to a shoot (some other sites call this a “scene”). Typically there will be a collection of still images, and one or more videos, but not always.

For example, Elin and Francisca made a girl-girl shoot. There are two image sets and three videos linked from this Shoot, along with a link to the thread on our discussion boards, handwritten notes from the models, tags and categories relevant to that shoot.


A Model page shows all the Shoots a model appears in.

For example, Elin’s Model Page shows all the Shoots Elin appears in (and a list of all the models she has played nude with). Each Shoot listed links to the Shoot page for that Shoot.

Model pages are linked from every Shoot page, the news page, and several other places on our site.

If you like a particular Model, visit her Model page to see all the Shoots she appears in.

Shoot Types

There are lots of ways to see pretty girls naked, and we’ve explored many of them! We settled on a few ways that we think are interesting (you can see them all jumbled up – which is fund for browsing). Here’s a summary;

Solo: A single model exploring herself. Usually ~150 stills and 40 minutes of video. Some models appear in several Solo shoots, so we sub-classify by her Debut shoot, and “Redux” (return) Solo shoots.

Girl-Girl: Two or more female models getting nude and interacting. We sub-classify these as Girl-Girl Fun (between two and twenty models doing non-sexual nude activities); Girl-Girl Makeout (between two and seven models kissing and touching each other); and Girl-Girl Hardcore (two models giving oral sex and fingering each other; these are our most frequently released girl-girl shoot type).

Girl-Boy: One of our female models having sex with her real-life boyfriend.

Video masturbation: One or two models masturbating and having a real orgasm. The camera is on a tripod, and no one else is in the room: just the model. We sub-classify these as Masturbating Alone, and Masturbating with a friend. Masturbation and orgasm also happens in most of our “Insertions” level Solo shoots.

Guest Direction: We train up Guest Directors (models who have done many shoots with us) who prepare a bunch of … Things to do in the scene with the Main Model. The Things start more social / playful, but segue into more sexual activities. Scenes are shot for video-only, and tend to be long-form with no narrative.

Other shoot types: There are a bunch of smaller shoot types we make (or made in the past but no longer make) in the Advanced listing on the Browse page – check them our.

Fetish Pages

Fetish Pages are collections of images, models, shoots and video snippets around a theme.

For example, Natural Redheads, Peeing, Indian models, wearing stockings, puffy nipples.

See the full list of Fetish Pages. We have dozens of Fetish Pages, and the list is always growing. Customers can propose new Fetish Pages, and other customers can vote on them (more info).

Searching for models

On our Browse page, our Search bar only works for searching model names. It’s a “simple search” (not like Google), and only works for an individual model’s name.

For example,

ABOVE: In this example, the user has searched for the model “Sarah”. We have several models with the first name “Sarah”, so we distinguish them with a surname initial.

Here are some counter-examples;

Search term example: Aletta & Annabelle Lee

Similar terms that will not work: Gretchen and Noa together; Estella Z with Misha

It’s better to search for one model (eg, “Aletta”). From there, you’ll be able to easily see all the models she has appeared in a shoot with. Below, here’s Aletta‘s Model page, showing a list of shoots she appears in with other models (click for a larger version).

model page aletta

ABOVE: Aletta’s “Model” page, showing all the shoots Aletta appears in. Every female model has a page like this.

Also, “Amabella and Dion” won’t work, because we use the “ampersand” ( & ) character between models names in shoots, not “and”, or “with”, but we ignore punctuation when searching (except for names like Sue-Ann). Again, it’s best to search for one model, then it’s easy to find the specific shoot you’re seeking from there.

Search term example: Abbey winters kelly m

You’re only searching our site, so there’s no need to add our name into the search field! (And our name is spelled incorrectly in the above example!).

Instead, just search for “kelly m” – or just “Kelly”.

model name search

ABOVE: When searching for models, after a moment, matches are listed.

Search term example: Angela White

We only list models by their first names, or their first name and surname initial (eg, Mary K). While we only occasionally shoot porn stars (like Angela White), we might not use their “normal” name, or we might abbreviate it (at the model’s request, or at our decision).

So, consider searching for “Angela”, “Ange”, and “Angie” (in this case, it’s actually “Angie“) – or just “Ang” – we’ll show you all models whose names start with those three letters.

ABOVE: (1) The user searched for “ang”. All models with “ang” in their name are listed.

Search term example: Attractive nipples

Similar terms that will not work: absolutley beautiful, lovely small asshole, beautiful big ass

Our Search function only searches for models.

Search term example: boy girl

Similar terms that will not work: [types of shoots on] lesbians, education, masturbating girls, double intimate moments.

We have a bunch of boy-girl shoots (our models with their real-life partners) – also girl-girl shoots. Because this is a type of shoot we make, we have organised them into their own section. Instead of Searching, on the Browse page using the panel on the left, Filter to only show Girl-boy shoots. Or, of course, any other shoot type you like.

GB site section filter

ABOVE: On the Browse page, filter shoots by Site Section. In this example, girl-boy has been selected, so only girl-boy shoots are shown.

Search term example: 18

Similar terms that will not work: Young models, 18-20, 19

Age is data that computers are good at filtering for, but not ideal for searching. So, on the Browse Models page, use the “Age range” filter to search for models of a certain age, or sort by age, so you’ll see all shoots sorted by youngest models first.

Note that Shoots do not have an age attribute (even if they are of one model), because shoots could be of several models – only Models have an Age attribute.


ABOVE: Browse page, Models tab, filter by age preferred.

Search term: moose knuckle compilation

“Moose knuckle” is one term for the phenomenon, another is “camel toe” (or “cameltoe”, “front wedgie”, “sideways hamburger” – we’ve used our tag-merging tool, so when you search for any one of these, you’ll always get the same result.

However, in this case, we also have a Fetish page, a collection of imagery around this fetish. Check it: Cameltoe.

cameltoe snip

Search term: new aw model

All our models were new at one time, so we do not tag new models today with this tag. It would be redundant tomorrow!

Instead, hit the Browse page (the default type when loading the Browse page is by Shoots), Sort by Last updated, then filter by “Nude girls” (that is, solo models) – like this.

Our, easier, hit the Members new page, which always lists the latest stuff, and can be sub-filtered quickly and easily.