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We’re not as smart as Google. We have a lot of content, and we ask for customers help to organize it better. If you see a relevant tag, vote it up. If you see a poor tag, vote it down. And, add meaningful (that is, objective) tags whenever you can. is organised by Models, and Scenes. Of course, Models appear in Scenes. If you like a particular Model, visit her Scene page to see all the Scenes she appears in.

The example search terms on this page have been taken from our search logs – they are real things people have been searching for.

When searching, you can search by Model names, or by tags. By selecting which you want to search for, it’s more likely the results will match what you want.

search options

ABOVE: Consider what you want to search for – Model names, or activities / attributes.

Search term example: Aletta & Annabelle Lee

Similar terms that will not work: Gretchen and Noa together; Estella Z with Misha

It’s better to search for one model (eg, “Aletta”). From there, you’ll be able to easily see all the models she has appeared in a shoot with. Below, here’s Aletta‘s Model page, showing a list of shoots she appears in with other models (click for a larger version).

model page aletta

ABOVE: Aletta’s “Model” page, showing all the shoots Aletta appears in. Every female model has a page like this.

Also, “Amabella and Dion” won’t work, because we use the “ampersand” ( & ) character between models names in shoots, not “and”, or “with”, but we ignore punctuation when searching (except for names like Sue-Ann). Again, it’s best to search for one model, then it’s easy to find the specific shoot you’re seeking from there.

Search term example: Abbey winters kelly m

You’re only searching our site, so there’s no need to add our name into the search field! (And our name is spelled incorrectly in the above example!).

Instead, just search for “kelly m” – or just “Kelly”.

model name search

ABOVE: When searching for models, after a moment, matches are listed.

Search term example: Angela White

We only list models by their first names, or their first name and surname initial (eg, Mary K). While we only occasionally shoot porn stars (like Angela White), we might not use their “normal” name, or we might abbreviate it (at the model’s request, or at our decision).

So, consider searching for “Angela”, “Ange”, and “Angie” (in this case, it’s actually “Angie“) – or just “Ang” – we’ll show you all models whose names start with those three letters.

ABOVE: Aletta’s “Model” page, showing all the shoots Aletta appears in. Every female model has a page like this.

Search term example: Attractive nipples

Similar terms that will not work: absolutley beautiful, lovely small asshole, beautiful big ass

Consider being more specific, for example, “large areola”, or “puffy nipples” (or, instead of “awesome thighs”, consider “skinny thighs”, “fat thighs”, “tattooed thighs”, “hairy thighs”).

Why? Where possible, we do not use “subjective” terms (that is, terms that are one person’s opinion), and this is a good example of why! What you think is “attractive” in the nipple department might not be what someone else thinks is attractive, so this tag is not very meaningful.

Search term example: Ready and waiting

Similar terms that may not work: ready to fuck, all-fours, on all fours, ready for sex.

Consider “abstracting” the search term, for example, teasing. We definitely shoot this pose a lot, but those images and videos are not likely to be tagged with the precise phrase you chose.

We also have a Fetish page, all the best images like this, called Face down ass up.

Why? Computers are terrible at “natural language” searches (Google is pretty good… but we’re not Google). Our search can only find things that other people (us, or customers) have tagged. Ready and waiting is a very specific thing (how do you tell if she’s ready? How do you know she’s waiting? It’s subjective, different people may have different ideas).

Search term example: boy girl

Similar terms that will not work: [types of shoots on] lesbians, education, masturbating girls, double intimate moments.

We have a bunch of boy-girl shoots (our models with their real-life partners) – also girl-girl shoots. Because this is a type of shoot we make, we have organised them into their own section. Instead of Searching, on the Browse page using the panel on the left, Filter to only show Girl-boy shoots. Or, of course, any other shoot type you like.


GB site section filter

ABOVE: On the Browse page, filter shoots by Site Section. In this example, girl-boy has been selected, so only girl-boy shoots are shown.

Search term example: blowjob

Similar terms that will not work: real life couple

Every girl-boy shoot we produce is of real-life couples, and have both models giving each other oral sex, so it’s best to just Filter the Browse page to only show the Girls with their boys shoot-type.


ABOVE: from Anjali and Nadir’s GB shoot. Suction.

Search term example: screaming orgasm

Similar searches that will not work: great kissing, trembling orgasm, shaking orgasm, full body orgasm, dominated

Most women make loud noises when they orgasm. Who decides when one person’s pleasure noises become “screaming”? It’s subjective. There might be results that match this (and there are certainly models who are very loud when they orgasm, eg, Immie), but there might be no results (because no one has thought to add that tag to a scene).

And anyway, the journey is just as important as the destination, right? So why not browse some videos of young women masturbating how they do it at home? How bad can that be?

But, for this sort of nuance, it can be best to post to the boards. Many customers are experts in our content, and can offer advice, naming specific models, or at least suggesting search terms. Also, you can always contact our Customer Support who are search ninjas, too.

Why? Search results will only return on things other people have tagged. The more specific your search, the less-likely matching results will be found.


ABOVE: Girls. Masturbating.

Search term example: anal fucking

Similar terms: finger in anus; finger in her own anus; anal finger

You might call it anal fucking, but someone else might call it “anal sex”, and someone else again, “anal penetration”, or “ass sex”, or “ass fucking”, or “fucked in the arse”.

So instead, just search for anal (which implies some kind of anal penetration, though it might just be licking). Results can be filtered by girl-boy, girl-girl, video masturbation, or solo (for example, girl-boy shoots).

Search term example: Gala squirt

Mixing a search for a model name and a tag can get confusing (to our database), and can give unexpected results. So consider one of these two methods:

  1. Search for the model Gala, then check out her shoots (all are awesome!), or,
  2. Search for Gala then Filter by “squirt” (it’s most of them!)

Why? Computers cannot decode exactly what you mean (though a human probably can). It’s obvious that this person wants to see images and video of the model Gala squirting, but the computer is not sure about that, and so will return all shoots of Gala, and all results that have the word “squirt” in them – useless.


ABOVE: Oh Gala.

Search term: toe sucking while frigging to a climax

Similar searches: anal orgasm from object insertions

It’s great this person knows what they want, but it’s unlikely they’d find results that match what they are seeking with this search term. It’s frustrating that we probably have content that matches this!

Instead, search for the tag “toe sucking”, and Filter by girl girl. Then, review the results one by one. There’ll be many images shown (each one represents a scene), but probably not many showing toe sucking. These images represent the scene as a whole (and none of our scenes are only about toe-sucking), so you’d need to check out each scene for the toe-sucking. When you see it, vote it up!

Why? It’s unlikely (though it is possible) someone will have tagged a shoot with “toe sucking and fingering to orgasm”, as it’s such a specific fetish that not many people will have. Generally, the more words a search term has, the less useful the results will be.

There’s an easier way: We have a fetish page called Toe Play, what features toe sucking (amongst other things). And, you might also like our Nude Feet fetish page.

Search term example: 18

Similar terms that will not work: Young models, 18-20, 19

Age is data that computers are good at filtering for, but not ideal for searching. So, on the Browse Models page, use the “Age range” filter to search for models of a certain age, or sort by age, so you’ll see all shoots sorted by youngest models first.

Note that Shoots do not have an age attribute (even if they are of one model), because shoots could be of several models – only Models have an Age attribute.


ABOVE: Browse page, Models tab, filter by age preferred.

Search term: 10aa

Similar terms: small cups, 38DD, 32B

10aa is a bra size. We do not have models or shoots tagged with bra size, unfortunately. However, other terms like “flat chested” and “small breasts” should provide more accurate results.

In June 2016, we’re adding a fetish page, “tiny breasts”.

Why? We did not record bra size for all models when we started the site. In hind-sight, we should have, as this would be handy to filter by! But now, we cannot go back and get that information for every model.

Search term: moose knuckle compilation

“Moose knuckle” is one term for the phenomenon, another is “camel toe” (or “cameltoe”, “front wedgie”, “sideways hamburger” – we’ve used our tag-merging tool, so when you search for any one of these, you’ll always get the same result.

However, in this case, we also have a Fetish page, a collection of imagery around this fetish. Check it: Cameltoe.

cameltoe snip

Search term: new aw model

All our models were new at one time, so we do not tag new models today with this tag. It would be redundant tomorrow!

Instead, hit the Browse page (the default type when loading the Browse page is by Shoots), Sort by Last updated, then filter by “Nude girls” (that is, solo models) – like this.

Our, easier, hit the Members new page, which always lists the latest stuff, and can be sub-filtered quickly and easily.

Search term: australian,outdoors,talking

Better to Filter by the tag “Australian”, then add “outdoors” and “outside” to the filter, and finally, add the entity type “video”.


Because we were based in Australia for the first 10 years (2000 to 2010), almost all our models were Australian, so we did not think to tag them as being Australian. Since then we have been based in Amsterdam. We still shoot Australian models, and we do tag them as being Australian.

Also, it can be difficult to remember the correct syntax for a search regarding OR and AND. Do you want shoots that are Australian OR outdoors OR video? Or do you want shoots that are Australian AND outdoors AND video? Filtering is additive – “Only show me shoots that…” and more suitable for this kind of search.

For this specific search, this result-set is probably best: videos released between 2000 and 2010, tagged with outside.

Search term: anabelas orgasm so sweet

Similar: very cute together,

Try to resist “blurring” search results with something you remember.

Search instead for the model in question, then review her shoots (it’s easy to “scrub” through the videos like on YouTube, to jump directly to the good bits). Also, some shoot types are really focused on orgasms, our Video masturbation series.

anabela masturbating

ABOVE: Anabela masturbating.

Search term: pee on her

We have a lot of pee content, some of it girl-girl. Better to search for “pee”, then filter by “girl-girl”. Like this.

Why? It’s unlikely many people (us, or other customers) will have tagged content with exactly “pee on her”, as it’s such specific term of phrase. But here’s a shoot with just that!

We also have a fetish page just for pee stuff!

Search term: proudly pregnant

Who’s to say if someone is “proudly” pregnant or not? I guess we could assume that a model is posing nude while pregnant is proud?

Let’s not guess! Search for “pregnant” only, then filter by Shoots (as models who appear in pregnant shoots will also appear in non-pregnant shoots). Like this.

Search term: Lekkere Tepels

(That’s Dutch for “yummy nipples”)  It’s possible – but unlikely – another person has tagged our content with the precise term you’re searching for in a non-English language.

Consider translating your term to English, but also, do not use “subjective” (opinion-based) terms, as what you think is “tasty” may not be what I think is tasty. Use objective terms, like “big nipples”, “small nipples”, or “hard nipples” instead.

But, we do have a collection of pronounced nipples, and a fetish page for puffy nipples.

Why? A huge majority of our tags are in English, because that’s the language we speak in our office, and the language most of our customers speak.


Above: We think Nicola has interesting nipples.

Search term: penis deep in the vagina

All our girl-boy shoots include this. It’s so common – literally every shoot – that we do not tag it. It’s like tagging shoots of nude models with “breasts” – it’s redundant.

Just filter by section to only see girl-boy shoots, and select a scene you like (fun fact; these are all real-life couples).


ABOVE: Luke’s penis deep inside Jamie’s vagina, from their shoot.

Search term: orgasm mutuel

This is a shortcoming in our search functions – some of the most obvious terms don’t work. We’re not sure how to resolve this within our framework.

We have many hundreds of scenes of young women masturbating in pairs – themselves or each other – called Intimate Moments.

DIM example

ABOVE: Latisha and Lucie observe eachother’s technique, and deliver results.

Search term: big breasted redhead

Unfortunately, our tag system is not good at “double-barrelled” search terms.

Instead, build a result set by adding tags one by one, to get a list of all the shoots we have of models with larger breasts and reddish hair.

searching by two tags

ABOVE: (1) “Large Breasts” has been added to the filter, and we see some results. Filter those results again by adding another filter, “redhead” (2).


ABOVE: Chloe B, in all her large-breasted, red-haired goodness.