September 14, 2016 What are Playdates?


ABOVE: The lovely Laney engages some customers in a Public Playdate, live from her bedroom in Australia. (Click for full version).

Playdates are where our models are on their webcam at home and customers can interact with them.

Playdates have a model on her webcam, and customers in a chat room, where they can type messages to her. Models cannot see or hear customers, but they can see and hear her.

Playdates come in two types, Public and Private.

Public Playdates have a model on her webcam, and a number of customers in a chat room. Public Playdates are free for customers, but not everyone is eligible to access Public Playdates.

Private Playdates again have a model on her webcam, but only interacting with one customer, who pays per minute. The per-minute rate is set by the model, and the model receives a large portion of the money. Private Playdates are accessible to everyone. We have a separate FAQ on how you can access Private Playdates.