March 31, 2015 What are rebills?

Period-based subscriptions rebill at the start of the next period (for example, Monthly). Pay-Per-Scene (PPS) accounts do not rebill – you’re only charged when you explicitly ask to buy a scene (however, it is possible to have concurrent PPS and subscriptions). We have some more info on the different ways of buying our stuff.

“Rebill” means that, at the end of the period you paid for, we’ll automatically charge your credit card again for the next period. This is so you can enjoy continued access, without having to re-subscribe every month. If you don’t like this idea, look for the “no-rebill” subscriptions on the Join page, or consider a pay-per-scene account.

An example of rebilling is:

  • You join on March 17th, for $36.00 (one month’s access from March 17)
  • On April 17th, you are rebilled another $36.00, for another month’s access
  • On May 17th, another $36.00, for another month
  • And so on… until you cancel rebills

At any stage, if you want to cancel these rebills, you can. You will have access up until the next rebill date, but you won’t be rebilled – your account will just stop working instead of being rebilled.

We show how many days until your next rebill, or your lapse date in the top right corner, for example: