May 29, 2020 What are the rules for posting on the messageboards?

Be civil and considerate.

Respect our models, respect our members, and respect our site’s reputation.

Private Messages
We have disabled Private Messaging. If you wish to contact us, please use the Contact page.

Personal Information
We don’t allow posting of personal information like phone numbers, addresses or email addresses.

We don’t allow direct contact between members and models.

Report problem post
Beside every post made you will see a small “Report” button. This is to send a quick note to the Moderators about that post. This is to notify us if the post has inappropriate content, or demonstrates bad behaviour by another member.

Moderators can edit posts without notice. Should anything inappropriate be included, or a simple coding error, these may be repaired without your being notified, though if it is a serious issue you will receive an email.

Moderators cannot affect your Boards Account. However, Administrators can. If you wish to have your username altered, or other deeper settings changed, we’ll consider your request.

You can edit your own posts up to 24 hours after the post is made. This allows you to fix errors, delete posts, or adjust unsuitable text. You do this by clicking the ‘edit’ button in the bottom of your post’s message area.

Moderators and Administrators can edit any post or thread at any time, including move it to the appropriate forum. If you wish something to be changed in a post after the 24 hours are up, contact them to assist.

Subject Matter
Most subjects are allowed, though we prefer them to be about our site for the most part. However, we also allow a forum for completely off-topic stuff, ranging from telling us about weird things in your garden, through to writing poetry. But two subjects are forbidden, because they are too contentious and will just cause arguments of a heated nature:



That doesn’t mean you can’t offer prayers or refer to the Bible or something fairly benign like that. Neither does it mean you can’t mention something in the political world that is in the News at the time. But nothing partisan, or arguing your side of your religious or political persuasion. Posts will be deleted at our discretion.

There is no freedom of speech here – this is a private message board, and what we say goes. We allow most kinds of subject matter, but being deliberately provocative is called trolling, and is not tolerated.

Linking off-site

Linking off-site is generally acceptable, but with one main exception;

It’s not ok to link to models elsewhere on the internet. For example, a Twitter feed, or the model on another adult website.

Posting pictures
You are allowed to post pictures (attachments). But there are limits.

  • Do not use the [IMG] tag. It has been disabled. Always use the Attachment [ATTACH] tag for inline image posting.
  • Do not post altered images from our site. e.g. don’t show our models doing things they did not do or saying things they did not say; don’t distort our copyrighted image in any way (except for resizing, see below); don’t remove our brand.
  • Resize all large images. to about (500 – 600 pixels wide).
  • Link to images, don’t post them.
  • Do not post images of yourself or your friends. We do not have legal permission for you or those other people to be visible on our commercial site. Plus, we don’t know for certain any pics truly are of you, and we cannot take that risk.
  • Do not post copyrighted images from other sites, without acknowledging their origin or keeping their own watermark brand, and preferably following the permission granted by the site they are from.
  • Do not post pictures of people under the age of 18. Any kind. Ever. For any reason.