March 31, 2015 What do you do to these images, anyway?

All the imagesets on are numbered in the same order they are shot in, so you get to see how it really happens.

We try to photograph the girls as they are, as we know them. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” person, and far be it from us to try to make one! We produce pics technically that are as true to life as we can make them.

Before an image set is published on the site it goes through a post-production process.

  1. An “edit” is performed in Adobe Lightroom – dis-including the bad shots (usually focus problems, camera shake, badly framed, redundant, etc). There can be around a thousand images shot per shoot, (more on the girl/girl shoots), so editing can be an agonising process.
  2. Processing in Lightroom. Typically, a white balance tweak, add some saturation, maybe a small exposure adjustment. We do not airbrush any of our images, or remove blemishes. We very seldom crop images.
  3. A review is done by an expert, checking the editing, processing, branding and file naming.

Throughout the process the internal Post Production Content Management System (PPCMS) tracks the image set to ensure every step is completed.

There’s no touching up on ANY of the pics, and we are proud of that. They are taken well in the first place. And the girls are real. The camera does not lie, and nor do our eyes.