July 14, 2016 What exactly is included in each site section?

Almost every scene on our site has a 30-second preview video, and around 20 free images to get a sense of what they contain, so go ahead and browse.

Our Tour has some selected representative images and compilation videos of each of our main type of material.

You can see how to join different sections on the How do I join different sections? FAQ page.

Scenes available in all sub-sites

These shoot types are available when purchasing any of the three main sub-sites.

Girlfriends and their boyfriends scenes feature our models with their real-life boyfriends. One new scene a month is released, with around 300 images and 45 minutes of video.

Guest Direction scenes feature an “expert” model interacting sexually with a junior model, with fascinating results. More info.

Girl Girl fun scenes, where we organise groups of models (between 3 and 20), who get nude and do some sort of activity together. Maybe peeing on each other, taking each others clothes off, exercising, dancing, riding bikes…

Behind the scenes. Go backstage on shoots and see what happens “off camera”. See our shoot producers in action. Every so often we release imagesets of around 100 images showing behind the scenes on several shoots.

Learn how to get women. AW Ed is our project to help us all learn what makes women tick. We ask a group of models the same question, and listen to their answers. For example, What should I do when a girl catches me checking her out? or Is it cheating if I look at porn?

Solo Girls sub-site


ABOVE: Laney solo

Solo model shoots. Models mostly on their own, with occasional brief visits from friends. Some models choose to pose as nudes (think, Playboy), some are more confident (think Hustler). The more confident models sometimes masturbate and have an orgasm. A photographer / videographer is in the room with the model, they create the shoot together, but there’s no sexual contact.

Almost every shoot has stills and video material, on average 200 still images, and on average 30 minutes of video.

Each week, one new (never appeared on our site before) solo model’s shoot is released, and one “redux” shoot is released (model has at least one other shoot on our site).

Girls in lingerie at night. Between 2008 and 2011, we trialled a section called After Dark, where instead of the “dressed down” look we usually feature, our models are dressed up for a night on the town. Petria is a good example.

Video Masturbation sub-site

Models masturbating to orgasm, for video only. The camera is static (on a tripod), and only the models are in the room, so we see how they behave in their natural habitat. Some models are Alone, others are With a friend. Scenes last from 5 to 45 minutes.

Each week, one new Intimate Moment is released, alternating Alone, and With a Friend.

Girl-girl sub-site

Girl-girl hardcore. Multiple models together, most commonly two having passionate sex, shot for stills and separately for video, typically around 300 images and around 45 minutes of video.

Each week, a new Girl-girl Hardcore scene is released.

A few times a year, we shoot three models in a Girl-girl Hardcore scene.

Very occasionally (once every few years), we shoot scenes called Girl-girl Make-out, kissing only, but with between 3 and 7 models.