March 31, 2015 What formats, bitrates, and sizes do your videos come in?

For people who prefer just the technical specifications, details are as follows.

  • px = pixels, x-size by y-size โ€“ how big the video appears on screen. Higher means better quality, larger file-size.
  • Kbps (kilobits per second) = bit rate, how many bits of information per second. Higher means better quality and a larger file-size.

Downloadable video formats

4:3 scenes (for scenes released between 2000 and 2007)

  • MPG โ€“ 352px by 288px, 1500kbps โ€“ 2000kbps
  • WMV โ€“ 640px by 480px = 1500kbps โ€“ 2000kbps

16:9 scenes (scenes released between 2007 and now)

  • MPG โ€“ 512px by 288px = 1500kbps โ€“ 2000kbps
  • WMV โ€“ 768px by 432px = 1500kbps โ€“ 2000kbps
  • LQ h.264 โ€“ 512px by 288px = 500kbps
  • HQ h.264 โ€“ 1024px by 576px = 3000kbps
  • HD h.264 โ€“ 1280px by 720px = 5000kbps

Streaming video formats

4:3 scenes

  • 384px by 288px = 120kbps
  • 384px by 288px = 400kbps
  • 576px by 432px = 900kbps

16:9 scenes

  • 512px by 288px = 120kbps
  • 512px by 288px = 400kbps
  • 768px by 432px = 900kbps

(note: some of our older videos may have smaller dimensions and lower quality, but theyโ€™re less than 5% of our total library)