March 31, 2015 What’s this Dressing Room thing all about?

We try to hold the camera really still and take a fast sequence of images of the model getting dressed, as if the camera was not there (sometimes we actually hide behind stuff to help the model feel like we’re not there!).

The models get dressed as they normally would, and it can be fascinating to see a tight pair of jeans slide up a shapely bum, or see how models tuck their breasts into their bra in different ways, not to mention adjusting panties and skirts before they face the world!

We try to use natural light (ie, no flash gear) to get a realistic look to the images. This means, we have to up the sensitivity of the camera (ISO) to get a correct exposure… Unfortunately, that also means a reduction in quality in the form of grain (noise) with some of the older shoots, but these days, higher ISO can still look good.

We think these effects add to the overall voyeuristic feel of Dressing Room sets, but we also acknowledge that not everyone likes this. We add a DR set for most solo shoots on the site, and they are not “taking the place” of sets that could be going up instead. You can treat them as a free bonus that you choose to enjoy – or not, as you prefer.

If you think that getting dressed on a nudie site like this is silly, you may choose to page through the set backwards, so she’s undressing. 😉

dr_r_amabella011    dr_sophie083

ABOVE LEFT: Amabella.