March 31, 2015 What’s this multi-select mode thing all about?

On each image gallery page, in the top right corner, is the “multi-select mode” tool. This lets you select many items at once, and do Stuff with them.

ABOVE: A shoot of the ravishing nurse Rachel S. Multi-Select mode has been enabled (1), and three images have been selected (2, 3, and 4). The number of images selected is shown (5), and the user can now add them to their faves (6) or tag them (7).

To turn multi-select mode on, Click the large Multi-select mode button ((1) in the image above). All images “grey out”, to indicate currently none are selected. A dashed line around all images indicates images within the dashed line are available to be selected.

Image selection can be done by clicking-and-dragging anywhere within the dashed line – selected images are shown un-greyed-out. Select individual images by holding down CTRL on keyboard (Cmd key on Macs) and clicking each image. Keep holding down CTRL to

Clicking any one image de-selects all others.

To add images to Faves

Click the love-heart icon ❤ to add selected images to your Faves list (to make them easier to find in the future). See all your faves by clicking the “My Faves” button top right of most site pages, and choosing “Images”.

To tag images

Click the Tag icon 🏷 to add keywords to the selected images – type the words and click the “Add Tag” button. To access your tagged images, click “My Account”, “My Tags”, “Images” tab, and see the tags you have added listed. Click a tag name to see all images tagged with that phrase.

In the past…

Multi-select mode could also be used to select certain images for selectively downloading images from a shoot, but that feature was retired in November 2017 for technical reasons. These days, imageset zips are under 500Mb so are easy to download on any broadband connection. Users can choose to remove images their do not like on their local computer.