November 25, 2016 What’s with tagging?

We encourage customers to tag things on our site with meaningful, objective words that will help others find stuff they like.

Vote good tags up

When you see a tag that’s correct, give it a quick up-vote – the more things more people agree on, the more trustworthy that tag becomes, and thus more useful. When lots of people agree a model is a redhead, she’s more likely to be a redhead.

In your preferences, you can choose when searching to only show things that lots of people agree on. This gives more accurate search results, but usually less items in the result set as well.

ABOVE: Customers can adjust their own tag threshold for search results.

ABOVE: Customers can adjust their own tag threshold for search results.

We have a page with more tips on searching.

We also have Fetish pages, which have very high thresholds for entities, 20 or 30 votes. So that’s the guaranteed-to-be-good stuff.

Vote bad tags down

Unfortunately, in any community, there are people who deliberately try to make life less nice for others in the community. If we all help a little bit, their work is negated and becomes invisible.

For example, sometime tags a black-haired model as “redhead”. That’s going to mess the search results up, by showing black-haired models when the searcher wants a redhead model! By down-voting that tag, we work to remove that from the search results.

There is a caveat; every customer has one vote per tag, per entity (an entity is an image, a video, a model, a scene). So, if one person adds a tag to an entity, it has one vote. If someone votes that tag up (on that same entity), it then has two votes. If someone else votes that tag (on that entity) down, it’s back down to one vote. One more down vote, it’s at zero votes.

When a tag has 0 votes, it will still show to the original tagger (maybe they wanted to make a list of models they wished were redheads? Weird, but ok), but not to anyone else.

So, down-voting bad tags helps keep the community neat and useful.

Add meaningful tags

For example, if a model is a redhead, she should be tagged as such, so others can find her if they search for “redhead”. If a scene shows a model doing yoga, that scene should be tagged with “yoga”. If an image shows an anus closeup, that image should be tagged as “anus”.

We’re working on ‘gamifying’ some of this tagging, and we hope to release something with that in 2017.

Tagging video encouragement rotator

From time to time, a small popup shows on the site, playing a video of a model describing some tips for interacting with tags on our site.

tagging advice

ABOVE: Example screenshot from the rotator that appears on the site sometimes.

Users can choose to see them less often, more often, or not at all. There’s a preference on the General tab in User prefs to control this, as well.

Discuss this site feature on this thread on our forums.