March 31, 2015 What’s with these Intimate Moments videos?

Our Intimate Moments (IM) videos run for around 10 minutes each. They are a single shot of a model masturbating to orgasm – for real, not faked. Some are subtle, some are screamers, but they are all fascinating to watch their methods and results.

Sometimes, we shoot an Intimate Moment with two models, both masturbating to orgasm. They might interact, or just trade glances. Sometimes, we have one girl masturbating, and one just watching her closely. It’s fascinating stuff!


ABOVE: A double-intimate moment.

We have some self-imposed constraints on these videos.

  1. The video camera is on a tripod, and no one is operating the camera.
    1. We set it up, press Record, and leave the model in the room on her own. This way, we do not affect her work. Sometimes, the model moves (tho we ask her not to move position completely), which means the shot looks a little weird – half her leg cut off, or a lot of blank space on the left hand side.
  2. We instruct the model to take as long as she needs. For some, this is three minutes flat, for others, it’s 45 minutes.
  3. We usually only use one camera, but we have experimented with additional cameras.

We use two Sennheiser 416 shotgun mics to capture the best possible sound we can.

We have all heard of ladies masturbating with a shower head or faucet in a bath, right? This is pretty much impossible for us to film, as the sound of the water drowns out any sounds the model might make. That being said, we have done a few bath IM shoots.