March 31, 2015 Which forum on the Messageboards should I post in?

We have several different sub-forums on our messageboards for specific kinds of chat. Most of these are straightforward and have descriptions beside them, but a couple are broader. Here are some more details. discussion is for topics specific to the site that aren’t covered elsewhere. Such as the different sections, the news page, the text, as well as more philosophical discussions on how we run the site and the principles behind what we do.

Mundane Chatter is for the truly off-topic subjects. Personal stories, jokes, weird stuff you’ve found. We’ll often put derailed threads from other forums into here when they go off into la-la-land.

The Models is where you talk about the new sets that go up, or your favourite models. Sometimes the models themselves will drop in and contribute. As each new model is added to the schedule, a dedicated thread is created, with a sample pic included. These are the threads that you see on the models’ profile pages.

The Models Speak is where the models are found most of the time. They have dedicated threads where you can interact with them, though they’re often to be found roaming around in other threads too. We encourage you to chat with them, but please respect their privacy, and be a gentleman.

The Videos is for when you have something specific to say or ask about the vids. Image quality, camera work, compression, as well as the action, events, and details in the video itself. DVDs can also be discussed here.

Tech Art is an interesting one. Discuss the equipment and art of digital photography here, as it relates to the shoots we produce. Labs is for the experimental ideas and suggestions that you may have for the future of the site. We’ll post our ideas, you post your reaction.

Good Things and Bad Things. We discuss things about the general state of Adult Sites across the internet, or the things about our site you genuinely love or definitely dislike.

Who do I contact if I need technical support?

Technical Support is for the users who are having troubles. Both staff and members can help you out here.

Our moderators keep the boards tidy, by removing posts, fixing errors, re-locating threads to their proper forums, and general maintenance.