September 14, 2016 Who is eligible to access Public Playdates?

Public Playdates and Private Playdates are accessible in different ways to different people. You can learn who can access Private Playdates (but in short, it’s everyone!).

While Public Playdates themselves come at no additional cost, they are only accessible to a specific group of customers who:


Be logged in and check your My Account page to see what subscription you’re currently on.

  • Public Playdate access is granted to subscribers who;
    • Joined on a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription that is currently active.
    • Joined on a one-month rebilling subscription, and have rebilled at least once (ie, paid the initial join fee, and rebilled 31 days later for a similar fee again.
  • Public Playdate access is not granted to subscribers who;
    • Joined on a “Mobile-only” (Limited) Subscription. Upgrade to a regular plan, as described above.


  • Have purchased 10 or more “real” scenes with a pay-per-scene account
    • We define a “real” scene as one that cost $1.49 or more. Spending a free scene token we gave you is not counted, but PPS-Direct customers using their initially purchased free scene token is counted, because they bought that free scene token
  • And made a PPS purchase in the last 30 days.

So, Public Playdates are our way of rewarding customers who are loyal to us :).