March 31, 2015 Why are the images are so darn big?

Why are the images are so darn big?Top

All the images on this site are around 1280×960 or 1470×980 pixels for large size images and 3504×2336 for XL images. When viewing images through the new site these images are automatically re-sized in your browser to fit your screen resolution and size of your browser window.

If you wish you can click on the image to view the full image in the browser or right-click and click “save image as” if you want to save it to your harddrive.

You can also select your preferred size for images from the preference in the my account page. This will affect the size of image that is loaded by default when browsing images and also the image that is downloaded when clicking on the download image icon (disk icon) on the image page. If you have selected XL as your preferred size and an imageset is not available with XL images it will default back to Large image size for that set.

Resizing images in a browser can result in lower quality images – they often distort and cause jaggy edges – so we recommend you download the images first (by zip, if you want more than several), and use an image viewing program on your computer.

Image viewers have many advantages over a web browser. There are many viewers to choose from, but we recommend ACDSee (paid version), or there’s IrfanView (free), or WinXP’s inbuilt viewer (free if you have XP). Some other suggestions from our members can be found in this thread on our discussion boards.

The simplest way to see the complete picture in your chosen image viewer is to use “Fit Image To Screen”. Most viewers can achieve this “on the fly” using a keyboard shortcut (e.g. in ACDSee it’s Ctrl and Numpad minus), and you can set this to be the default.

Your chosen image viewing application should come with a comprehensive Help file that will guide you through everything, but we have a lot of very knowledgeable members who will be happy to help you if you post on our discussion boards.